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Cilantro Artisan Foods salsas are not your typical supermarket fare. You have to experience our fresh salsas made with artisanal techniques.  Our salsas are a staple in every Mexican household. We import Maria's childhood flavors straight from Mexico to bring you natural handmade salsas that are the perfect complement to our otherworldly homemade chips. They can also be used to cook traditional Mexican dishes like enchiladas and are the perfect addition to tacos and quesadillas. Our salsas are sugar free, additive free and preservative free.

We currently have 4 different salsas but we are constantly making new ones (sign up to choose our next flavor):

SALSA VERDE: Green tomatillos, cilantro and serrano peppers.
12 oz Glass jar - $8.00

SALSA MOLCAJETE (mortar and pestle):  Roasted tomatoes and serrano peppers.
12 oz Glass jar - $8.00
SALSA MORITA: Drier morita peppers and tomatillo.
12 oz Glass jar - $8.00

SALSA HABANERO: Roasted habanero chilies and tomatoes.
12 oz Glass jar - $8.00

PICO DE GALLO: Fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and olive oil.
8 oz - $ 5.00

GUACAMOLE: Avocados, onions and lime.
Market price